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The Flavor Monster Story


Juice companies are a dime a dozen these days. When Flavor Monster started selling e-liquid at unbelievable prices, we weren’t new to the juice game. All of our owners had already owned premium juice lines for a combined five years. But we all shared one common belief, that vaping had become far too expensive.

When vaping first came out as a consumer created solution to a smoking problem, hardware was pretty basic (think box mods hadn’t arrived yet, mech mods were the new cool device, and variable voltage was still one of the industries greatest innovations) and the juice options were very limited compared to what exists today. 30mL of juice was still around $20, but that $20 could last you a week or two. No harm no foul, vape on!

But suddenly many people realized the vape industry was here to stay, and it was growing. FAST. Big eliquid companies were off and kicking, but consumer’s wanted more options. Over night the juice industry blew up with new e-liquid manufacturers opening their proverbial website doors every day. And the game became pretty standardized – anyone who could mix VG, PG nicotine and flavors was instantly a premium juice company. Pricing was all the same, $20 for 30mL, and the flavors were all built off the same flavor profiles. The companies that made it were the companies that could put together a solid flavor, and market it through half naked women, flashy labels, shiny bottles, and cool boxes used to ship their juice. But the quality of “premium” slowly diminished, and the options became too vast.

Then, all of a sudden, the hardware game became very strong. Top fill tanks!? Dual and triple 18650’s!? Box Mods!? Dripping!? And before we knew it, juice that used to last a week was now being guzzled in a day. But the prices for e-liquid never changed.

So through a collaboration of premium juice companies, Flavor Monster was born with one simple goal, to provide a great vaping experience without breaking the bank. A “great vape experience” can mean a lot of things. But here at Flavor Monster a great experience means good quality juice, sold at a great price, shipped quickly and carefully right to your door.

Flavor Monster truly is made for Vapers by Vapers. This is why we do not charge shipping or tax. Our ownership team had a pet peeve that a company could advertise $20.00 for e-liquid, but after tax and shipping it was $25-30. So we made our prices flat. It annoyed us that we would order online and maybe get our order 2-4 weeks later. So we ship all of our orders within 24-48 hours. We were annoyed that customer service in the industry was less then stellar. So we invest heavily in making sure every customer question is responded to ASAP with care, concern and gratitude.

While we have not been a perfect company, we promise to continually strive to make vaping cheap again by providing great products at great prices, and owning any issues that might come along the way.

This is for you, and we thank you for being a valued customer!