Flavor Monster: Ice Cream Collection

Flavor Monster: Ice Cream Collection

Posted by David Nadel on Jun 4th 2018


With warm weather right around the corner, nothing seems more appetizing than a big bowl of smooth and rich ice cream. Unfortunately, we can't exactly indulge in endless bowls of ice cream whenever our sweet tooth feels that craving coming on. Fortunately, Flavor Monster has a collection of e liquids that are inspired by our very favorite ice cream flavors. These e-juices allow us to get our ice cream fix whenever we want.

Merrow (Mint Chocolate Chip)

There's something uniquely satisfying about a scoop of creamy mint chocolate chip ice cream. That touch of cold mint cools us down on hot summer days while the rich chocolate chips satisfy the sweet tooth like few flavors can. If mint chocolate chip is your favorite ice cream flavor, Merrow vape juice is exactly what you need. Each inhale provides the palate with the smooth and satisfying taste of peppermint ice cream. The richness of the flavor takes the edge off the mint's iciness. Then, glorious chocolate chips land on the tongue. On the exhale, the sweetness and creaminess of the flavor satisfies you immensely.

Crocotta (Cookies and Cream)

If you smile at the sight of vanilla ice cream that's loaded with chunks of chocolate cookies, Crocotta vape juice is a must-have. Every hit provides you with the taste of your favorite chocolate sandwich cookie while drenching your tongue in luxurious vanilla ice cream. The inhale gives you the kiss of chocolate that melts into the palate as the glorious vanilla ice cream floods the tongue. The ice cream becomes richer and richer as the overall flavor becomes wonderfully sweet. On the exhale, the creaminess intoxicates you.

There's nothing like that first spoonful of ice cream on a hot day. Thanks to Flavor Monster, we can treat ourselves to ice cream all day long without consuming any cream or sugar. These e-liquids are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings for delectable ice cream.