How To: Setup Your Coils RIght

How To: Setup Your Coils RIght

Posted by David Nadel on May 28th 2018

Set Those Coils Up Right!

It is important to make sure that our coils and devices are set up to ensure that the e-liquid continuously flows. We need to do the following things while vaping to avoid overheating:

Prime the Coils Before Vaping
Upon installation of a coil, one should ensure that the wick is completely soaked with juice. The process can take up to 5 minutes before your first puff. In the event you don’t wait long enough, the coil instantly burns up upon pressing the button, leading to damage and waste. There are 2 methods to this:

  • Priming the coils is a manual routine of soaking the wicks before any installation is undertaken. The coil heads have an opening which aids in this process, with some ports around to assist. Pour or add a few drops of e-juice to the opening at the top. Do the same at the ports.
  • Another method where vapers take a few puffs on their device, without necessarily pressing the power button; in the process taking the liquid into the wicks by force. One should exercise caution while doing this since it can lead to the flooding of the coil.

Avoid Chain-Vaping
This is characterized by vaping continuously, leading to a burnt wick. Balance needs to be there to ensure that the wick can be saturated on its own before you press the power button. It not worth the risk of destroying your coil by over-vaping.

The trick is to avoid vaping for some time, with the sign for this step being the dwindling flavor, which indicates there isn’t enough juice in your coil. That could be a danger sign, leading to burning of the coil. Let the tank do its part by you avoiding vaping for between 5-10 min.

Reduce the Power Settings
More power wattage means additional heat and hence the increase of e-juice getting vaporized from the wick with each succeeding hit you take. It is a sign that you’re vaping the e-liquid at a faster rate than the replacement rate. It only burns when it can no longer hold the heat.

Reduce the power setting; keep it at a favorable wattage. When the flavor is lost, it probably means that the juice is drying out. Stick at the prescribed range so that you avoid running into problems, starting from low and increasing steadily.

Top-Up Your Tank
Refill the tank in the event you notice the juice is running low. The juice should be kept at a certain level at the coil head. It is recommended to empty it first before or alternatively you can shake and rotate the tank.

Make Select Choices of Your E-Liquid
Some of the most common e-liquids include PG and VG, though VG is thicker than PG. It, therefore, does not soak more easily. It means that you should opt for liquids with less VG since they can delay in soaking during priming and top up.

Control and Regulate Temperatures
Temperature control vaping is the most direct intervention for solving the issues of burning wicks. TC devices detect the slightest changes in the heat flow and the resistances that come with it. When it gets to the max limit, the device stops allowing the heat to pass through, hence the coil doesn’t get any hotter in the process. TC is all that vapers really need to solve their coil problems. It summarizes all the other interventions that you may need. You just gotta obtain a compatible tank, coils, the right battery, and a MOD or APV that has built in temperature control settings.