Sagari Strawberry Custard


80/20 VG/PG

French vanilla custard with a sweet strawberry finish.

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A true classic and gem in the vaping world. Our Sagari Strawberry Custard E-liquid will leave your head spinning. Fresh, vine ripened strawberries swimming in a pool of oozing French Vanilla Custard. Every time this flavor hits your mouth you can't help but smile in a clouded aroma of delicate sweetness. Well balanced between the two flavors that does not overpower. It's like a strawberry and custard sandwich. Take a bite. 

Available in 60mL, 120mL or 240mL bottles with an 80/20 VG/PG mixture, available online or in-store at the vape shop Colorado Springs, CO. Order today and we will go ahead and pay the shipping and sales tax. Keeping our prices low and our quality high is what we do!

The Sagari Story

Sagari is a freakish and gross looking monster spirit from Japanese folklore. Sagari is a horse’s head with a flap of skin used to hang from the branches of trees. It is also said to use a severed human arm which is attached to its head. In other accounts it hangs from its mangled mane to help suspend itself above unsuspecting victims.

The Sagari neighs and whines terrifying those around them. It’s appearance is so disgusting that many people who saw it became violently ill. It is said that the Sagari are created when a horse dies under a tree with the head of the decaying horse detaching itself from the body and climbing up the tree to live there for eternity.

The Sagari are not known to be deadly to humans. But the dead don’t speak.

WARNING:This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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